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Denon Mixer with iPad using djay pro AI


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Wanted to share my setup for small gigs.

Below is an Overview (not getting into the specifics)

  • DENON DN-X900
  • DENON DN-HC4500
  • iPad Pro
  • EV 15" Powered Speakers


First power up the DENON stuff after your speakers are plugged in and turned on

NEXT run the USB cable from the DENON DN-HC4500 to a usb-c to USB adapter

Then open djay pro AI on your iPad and then plug the adapter into the iPad Pro

Go into settings and click on MIDI Devices

Under MIDI Devices you should see DN-HC4500, click on it

Now on the DENON DN-HC4500, Deck on the LEFT (we'll call this Deck 1) press Play/Pause button and when it pops up on your iPad link Target to Deck 1 and Action to Play / Pause

Do the same thing for Deck 2 where you click Play/Pause button and when it pops up on your iPad link Target to Deck 2 and Action to Play / Pause

Click Save at the top

Now back to Settings click on Audio Device Setup

Mixer Mode: Internal

Main Output: DN-HC4500 ch 1-2

Pre-Cueing: DNHC4500 ch 3-4



On the DENON DN-X900 (the mixer) you will need to use two channels (I personally use the last two (of four) on the right).

I have 3 set to L6 and I have 4 set to L8 (Channel 3 will be your main output and Channel 4 will be your headphones.. the cue button should be pushed for Channel 4)

Cross Fader I have all the way to the Left (if its in the middle it will pickup songs you are trying to JUST listen to through the headphones).  ALSO note the Cross Fader Assign on Channel 4 should be set to B (if its POST it will bleed out your main and if its on A then it will be crushing your main song)

Also note the Channel 4 I have the volume turned all the way down in case accidentally slide the cross fader




In the below image of the iPad Pro with djay PRO AI using the PRO view and the track on the left is playing as the main output via Channel 3 on your mixer.  The track on the right is playing to Channel 4 on your mixer and only to your headphones.




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