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DJ Mixer or Controller


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Looking for a new Mixer or Controller that meets the following requirements:

Still work with my DJ Software

  • algoriddim djay pro
  • virtual dj
  • serato

It must work with my mac and ios iPad Pro

It must have XLR Master Out and Combo Mic In

Must have USB soundcard built in


Let's talk about the Mixer I'm looking at first

I really like everything I am reading about the Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 which runs around $800



Some cool features above my requirements stated above is it comes with USB-C connection and is powered by this USB-C whether its plugged into your laptop (Mac) or a usb-c power adapter to include a battery powered charger with usb-c for those remote events.  So you can run a gig in the middle of nowhere with this mixer, macbook pro and a EV battery powered speaker.  No generator needed even though a jackery solar powered generator might also help for the extended gigs.


Now we found a mixer, let's look at a controller that meets all the requirements around the same price.  I am leaning on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 2-Deck which runs around $840

DDJ-800_top.thumb.jpg.dddcace4b445d90b749a1204ecb1412d.jpg DDJ-800_side.png.981229728c5466b43b73516165c72f8d.png

CON: The DDJ-800 only works with the Pioneer software rekordbox which means I can't use SoundSwitch to control my lights since rekordbox has there own solution for lights.  I prefer to use SoundSwitch because it works with all DJ Software but unfortunately not rekordbox.  So if you go with DDJ-800 you will always have to use rekordbox and what Pioneer solutions are available.  I love Pioneer products but not a fan of forcing me to use a software when it may be limited.

If you really like the DDJ-800 but want Serato support you'll need to jump up to the flagship product Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT 4-deck which will run you about another $500 ($1300) but make sure you get the SRT version which is the DDJ-1000 made for serato.

DDJ-1000_top.thumb.jpg.ed690dd9579b6261c3843bf188f2d026.jpg DDJ-1000_side.png.2ac610b4579556fb4404dd4d06636eb4.png

CON: the DDJ-1000srt does NOT support playing music from iPad with software like Djay Pro by algoriddim but you can use this software from your Mac, just not any IOS device.

Looks like Pioneer Controllers I'm just limited to something that costs $2000 like the DDJ-REV7 which seems crazy to me but the REV7 does support DJing from iOS with something like djay pro and Mac using Serato or Virtual DJ.

DDJ-REV7_top.thumb.jpg.b3a032f3daf97cc8df30de9fc0a83c97.jpg DDJ-REV7_sides.png.d462459c2b1b6a6a5e77ced6b9f4a789.png


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  • Support_Admins

I ended up getting the Pioneer DJM-S7 and mainly because I can use it with Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Dejay Pro, etc..

After playing with Serato and Rekordbox I found that I find advantages to both BUT a big plus on Rekordbox is if you do decide to do DMX lighting as well, its built in and doesn't require an additional membership.  If you go the Serato route you end up having to pay a subscription to Sound Switch which is very similar to what is included in Rekordbox for free.

Another advantage Rekordbox has over Serato is the automix feature.  Now most real DJ's would NEVER use automix so its not a big deal to them to not have it.  Then there are others that don't mind playing a playlist with automix running while they take a break or hit the restroom.  Yes you could use Virtual DJ or Dejay Pro which do a great job at automixing a playlist but now you have to run two different software applications and if you are using Serato that would be a third software application (1. Serato 2. Soundswitch 3. software that supports automixing)

Back to the hardware..  so since I wanted to test out all the different features of the different software I chose the S7

A learning lesson...  if you go with a mixer instead of an all-in-one controller like the DDJ-400, rekordbox see's the USB connection to a mixer and in the software marks the S7 as an external mixer and grays out the Internal Mixer option.  ONLY way to use automixing in rekordbox is to have the software on Internal Mixer (it can not be on External Mixer) so my S7 is up for sale since its a requirement I have.

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